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MENTOR Footwear - High Quality AtitudeMentor Footwear – High Quality Attitude
The Danish fashion brand Mentor Footwear was founded in 2000 and since then, the Mentor brand has become a well-known actor on the market.
Edge, Attitude, innovation, comfort and craftsmanship are some of the terms that characterize the Mentor Footwear Brand.
Every single pair is made with care and endless attention to quality. All shoes are made of materials such as: Suede, fur and leather from Italy and Spain.
Mentor Footwear's passion is to create the perfect shoes in a variety of styles and colors of high quality, and unites casual and classic designs with this season's trend, dedicated to both casual and city wear.
Mentor Footwear is involved in the entire design process from the original idea to the final product. The Production of Mentor Footwear takes place at selected factories in Portugal; there is a strong emphasis on comfort and fit, as well as the selection of the right qualities and materials. Mentor Footwear follows the process closely in order to achieve the best result.
Mentor Footwear produces both shoes and boots which are sold in several European countries.